+Power E Series

20KVA - 90KVA
Parallel Redundant True Double
Conversion 3 Phase Modular UPS
(PF=1.0) and High Efficiency >96%, scalable up 210KW.

  • Power Module rating of 20KVA or 30KVA/30KW, pf1.0
  • Hot-swappable Power Module and scalable design
  • Modular design reduce Mean-Time to Repair (MTTR)
  • User-configurable charging current for extended backup
  • High efficiency, >95% at 25% LOAD
  • N+1 or N+X parallel redundancy for high availability
  • 5.7" Informative LCD display for configuration and monitoring
  • Built-in USB, RS232 and Intelligent slot for various mode of communication
  • Generator Compatible