Titan Innova
Blackpro Series

A Brilliant And Affordable Compact UPS For Office Desktop

System And IT Equipments 800VA - 2200KVA

  • Digital Micropocessor Controlled For Hgh Reliability Design
  • Built-In Boost & Buck Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR)
  • User Friendly Hotswapable Battery Replacement System
  • Maintenance Free User Resetable Circuit Breaker
  • Overload & Short Circuit Protection
  • Internet/Modem Surge Protection
  • Built-In Surge/Spike Protection And EMI Filter
  • Smart Communication Port For Power Management (RS232/USB)
  • Power Management Software For Major OS
  • Quality Battery For Durability And Extended Backup Time
  • Green Power Design To Conserve Battery Energy
  • Extended Warranty Up To 5 Years (Optional)